Cavoodle darwin

Cavoodle darwin

Welcome to NT Oodles and thankyou for visiting our page. Our family has had years of extensive experience in breeding, training and raising dogs and we believe that the best and finest produced puppy stems right back from not only the upbringing of the parents but also the quality of life your puppy has from the day it is born.

Here, at NT Oodles, we pride ourselves on producing puppies that are healthy and have the perfect temperament. Each and every one of our beautiful boys and girls are treated in the same way we would expect you to treat one of their puppies and that is with the love, care and attention they deserve. It is for this reason that we are not a large breeding business.

We breed not for quantity or profit, we breed as we have a strong desire to share with you, what we believe is the finest of these particular breeds.

Puppies for sale from registered Dog Breeders in Darwin Northern Territory, NT Australia

Both the Cavoodle and Spoodle have become increasingly popular with many families in all kinds of households in recent years. Having had experience with many breeds of dogs over the years, both purebred and designer dogs, we can definitely see why. If bred correctly, these breeds have gentle, warm and loving temperaments. They are loyal, affectionate and are the perfect blend of a breed that is energetic enough for play time with the kids but relaxed enough to lay with the family at TV time.

They have the added bonus of being low or non shedding and first and foremost, its hard to deny that they are the cutest and most beautiful looking breeds. We aim to breed puppies that are socialised, confident and ready for their new homes. Please take your time to view our site and the puppies available.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in making one of our beautiful furbabies your forever pet, please drop us a message and we will give you a call to discuss or respond via email if preferred.

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We get plenty of enquiries daily however will aim to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.It can be a constant source of love, affection and belonging. It may also be the purest and most unconditional love of your life. Cavapoo are fantastic pets both for families and single people, for younger people and seniors, for city-dwellers and those that prefer countryside living. Is your pup destructive or just bored and sad when you are away?

But then there are always downsides. Potential shedding, having to take care of someone all the time, potential vet bills and other issues. When it comes to pet ownership, there are always some downsides. What is particularly special about having a cavapoo? I asked a few cavapoo owners this question, and got some great answers. Pros: They truly are compassionate, and I see the love he has for our family, especially me.

I love his curls, his personality, his awkward moments such as not enjoying the grass. He will walk on the bricks to avoid touching the grass. Coming home from work to him is one of my favorite moments of the day. Training is very simple and they pick up quickly.

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We worked on handshake and he was able to do the command in less than twenty minutes. Gus will have anxiety when I leave for a long period of time such as vacation. He went on a no eating binge and was a little depressed according to my caretaker. However this is very common in many dog breeds. The barking, he will bark at every little noise he hears and at everyone walking past our house. Katie, mom of Gus, the cavapoo from Vienna. Pros: We love her company and her cute, funny, cuddly self.

A cavoodle is family friendly, energetic and cuddly and funny. Cons: At the moment, she bites a lot, but all puppies do that! Karina, mom of Harlow Pippa, the cavoodle from Australia.

Pros: We all love that Jasper is a very happy dog, not many things can turn his mood sour. They are pretty much hypoallergenic. They are very loving, loyal and very cute.

Cavoodle Puppies

Cons: They are very dependent and cannot be alone for too long. Dita, mom of Jasper, the cavoodle from Darwin, Australia. Pros: I just absolutely love her temperament. She is unbelievably sweet and tremendously friendly. She loves absolutely everyone she meets.

Not to mention she is super snuggly. Their temperament is a huge positive.Cavoodles must be one of the most popular designer breeds, and for good reason.

They make excellent family dogs. Most Cavoodles are either toy size or miniature size. The Cavoodle is shorter than average. The ears are usually set well above the eyes and hang low past its chin. The neck is elongated and transitions to its straight back. Its tail is long and usually hangs freely past the hocks. Cavoodles are a very healthy and robust little breed that gets on with everyone! Cavoodles are gentle, loving, sweet natured little dogs.

They get this trait from its parent, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavoodles are intelligent and highly trainable. Most Cavoodles will have a flowing, luxurious type of coat.

Cavapoo pros and cons

The amount a Cavoodle will shed varies depending on the individual dog but most will shed very little if at all. So what does this mean? How often? Again, this really just depends on how long you prefer the coat to be. Some Cavoodle owners have their dogs clipped once a year while others prefer having them clipped every few months. Cavoodle colours include sable, sable and white, peach, peach and white, apricot and white, lemon and white, red, red and white, black, black and white, black and tan, tricolour.

Ralph is a wonderful examply of a Chevromist Cavoodle. Cavoodles are said to be smart dogs, like the Poodle parent breed. The coat is a non shedding wool coat. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent breed has a medium length silky, wavy coat.

The Cavoodle offspring usually have a full, soft and silky coat somewhere in between those of the two parent breeds.Loving and lovable, the Cavoodle is suitable for everyone of any age, for families and for singles, for children and for seniors, for city living or the country life, even for The Lodge — Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard received a Cavoodle for her 50th birthday!

Thanks to the Poodle genes, most Cavoodles have low-shedding to non-shedding coats, making them good pets for asthmatics and the allergy-prone. Since we started breeding, we have been connecting healthy well grown cavoodle pups with caring, loving families.

cavoodle darwin

Our Breeder Background Check ensures healthy and humane breeding practices, and a healthier, happier pup for you! Log in Remember me. Lost your password? Cavoodle pups for sale Get one now! Cavoodle pups. Our family cavoodle pups was established in Celebrating years as a family. During this time, more than 80 of our Cavoodle pups have been titled in many parts of the World. I breed high quality cavoodle puppies in most colours… Apricot, pure white, black, chocolate, honey-red, and grades of caramel from rich cream to cafe au lait to deep toffee are all represented in our various litters, together with many colours appearing in combination with one colour dominant over the other, or softly graded, or evenly distributed, in Blenheim-style tan and white markings, or in tri-colours of red, white and black.

Cavoodle pupS for sale Did you know?? They are incredibly smart.I'm looking to buy a small dog. One that doesn't grow too big as I want a house dog. We found 3 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. Our family is desperately seeking a family pet and a companion dog for a young boy with a medical condition. Our son is considered vulnerable due to a chronic respiratory condition and is required to continue in self isolation during this COVID pandemic.

We are hoping for a small dog to be his best friend during this tough time, and would prefer a moxy or chihauhua cross. Sign In Register.

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cavoodle darwin

Most recent. Palmerston Area Farrar. Small dog or puppy Negotiable. Mt Isa City Mount Isa. Hurstville Area Beverly Hills. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android.The Cavoodle a. Cavoodles have soft, Poodle-like coats which tend to shed a small amount since Poodles do not shed but Cavaliers do. Grooming the Cavoodle varies depending on what kind of coat it has.

Poodle-coated cavoodles require brushing every couple of days but shed very little. Generally they stand at 30 — 35 cm tall and weigh between 5 and 12 kg. Their lifespan is around 10 — 14 years. Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance is rated 4. The Cavoodle temperament combines the best traits from the Cavalier and the Poodle to create a smart, affectionate, playful and eager to please.

They are highly trainable, obedient and are very easy to teach. Like many breeds, Cavoodles who are left alone and not given enough physical or mental stimulation can develop behavioural problems.

Not all conditions are covered by Pet Insurance. Jam packed with news, tips and advice on how to provide the best possible care for your Bow Wow or Meow! Home Dogs Dog Breeds Cavoodle.

Cavoodle Recommended for: Families. Maintenance Level: Medium. Lifespan: years. Temperament: Intelligent, affectionate. Health Risk: This breed is in the lower risk category for developing health issues, hence it is one of the most affordable breeds to insure.

Is this breed right for you? Try our breed selector quiz to find out your best matching breed! Claim paid in 24hrs.

Amazing service! Claims process is fantastic! Terry, Gippsland VIC. Peace of mind. Very friendly staff. Simon, Larrakeyah NT. One of the best insurers I have dealt with. John, Wollongong NSW. Very surprised at how much we saved.

cavoodle darwin

Fishman, Cronulla NSW. Has been a lifesaver! Would not be without it. Alex, Caulfield VIC. Fast, efficient claims process.Also think about adopting a dog or pup. Perfect Pets.

I am looking for: Pet services, shelters, breeders etc, OR Pets for sale, adoption, events etc Pet services, shelters, breeders, vets, clubs Pets for sale, for adoption Breed Breed type any. We are a small family kennel breeding for fit and functional Rottweilers with correct breed temperaments. ANKC registered with a lifetime of experience living with this beautiful breed.

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We have We are a family run kennel located in Darwin breeding for correct type, construction and temperament and using only the best combinations from around the world to achieve the successful bloodlines in I am a selective Kennel situated in Darwin, Northern Territory. Tibetan Spaniels are my breed of choice. All puppies are vaccinated microchipped and registered with Dogs NT.

Please contact Amie with any equiries. Jaylbro Border Collies is a small kennel situated in the Rural Darwin area and we have puppies available on occasions to selected homes only. Our dogs are not kept in a kennel situation, they live Above: Sterling, Jasper, Ivy and Blaze.

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I am ruled by a pack of Italian Greyhounds We devote a great deal of time, dedication and effort to have top quality Champions within our chosen breed ONLY. On occasion we may offer puppies to loving approved companion homes.

cavoodle darwin

We may also We have carefully studied pedigrees and sought out As companions and working dogs; both have an important Pug breeders, Show handlers, and Pug and dog lovers. We enjoy showing our pugs and also breed our fawn and black pugs in North Queensland. Primal Spirit is a small Family kennel.

We Keep it Simple and Personal. Our 7 Akita kids, soon to be 8, live as family members in our home. They deserve the same love and devotion they bring to our Look no further! We specialise in the breeding and care of Chihuahuas. We are very passionate about our puppies. They are not just our VizMagic Breeds occasionally - we breed to better the breed; carefully choose stud dogs, looking at bloodlines and to improve standards.

We look for exceptional Temperament, Breed Standards and